Business Coach/Author PJ Weiland Pens & Publishes Dinking Thru Life, Lessons from the Pickleball Court in 30 Days

Book Showcases Parallels Between Life, Business and the Pickleball Court

CHICAGO, July 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Have you ever wanted to write book but never sat down to really put pen to paper?  Or, have you started writing, but just got too busy with life and never finished it?  Certified Award-Winning Business Coach/Author/Speaker/Philanthropist PJ Weiland is on a mission to demonstrate that it can be done –while on Day 28 of her the 30-day author challenge of writing/publishing her second book, Dinking Thru Life, Lessons from the Pickleball Court (release date July 20, 2023).

A newcomer to the sport of Pickleball, Weiland is quick to admit, the addiction is real. Always on her toes and ready to help accelerate clients and businesses to the next level of success, an idea was born on June 19th while playing on the Pickleball court. Weiland began thinking out loud about the strategies used in business and life and how they might parallel with the rules and lessons of Pickleball.   While playing and sharing her thoughts, she  began getting feedback from those around her at the courts about specific lessons they could see play out in relationships and life just like in the game.  That day, Weiland decided to write a book, but the challenge she gave herself was to complete it in 30 days.

“It took me over three years to write my first book,” explains Weiland.  “When I started, I changed it several times and learned a lot about the writing and publishing process. I decided that I would never wait that long again to write a book. Once I have a concept in mind, I would make the commitment.”

To increase her level of accountability and share her journey with others, Weiland is documenting her process from Day 0 to Day 30 through short videos in hopes she will not only entertain but inspire the next person to write a book.

“This 30-Day Author Challenge project comes from my own experience on the Pickleball court and in the real world,” adds Weiland.  “I have found the Pickleball community to be inclusive and welcoming and I could not have written this book without their inspiration and encouragement.  This sport mirrors life in so many ways and this book is intended to be fun and entertaining.   After all, Pickleball is life!”

“Coach PJ” has helped thousands of business owners, executive leaders and teams achieve their goals and reach new heights through her company Business Prophet. Scaling up is her specialty, which means both double- and triple-digit growth in profitability, improved cash flow, streamlined systems, and high-performance teams. With decades of business experience Weiland is that one person that can meet a client exactly where they are and guide them to get the business and life they deserve.”

Weiland brings more than two decades of corporate leadership experience in a broad spectrum of industries to guiding her coaching clients with strategic planning, improving their leaderships skills, building engaged, high-performing teams, creating effective marketing plans, and managing change.

Dinking Thru Life, Lessons from the Pickleball Court  is available in hard cover (124 pages, $26.99) and soft cover (124 pages, 19.99) at and Amazon.  In addition, a limited-edition adult coloring book, Dinking Thru Life, In Color will be available in soft cover ($14.99) on August 1, 2023.

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