Brightly News: Brightening Up Your Daily Dose of News

ORLANDO, Fla., April 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — With so much doom and gloom crowding screens and news feeds, it’s vital that consumers have an outlet for alternative news stories that are sure to bring a smile to their faces.

The Brightly News team comprises a small, tight-knit group of developers who all share the same goal: to temper what news people consume and provide them some relief from all the negativities found on some of the most popular news sources.

“It’s necessary to be informed about current events, but it’s equally important to balance what we consume. As someone who regularly reads the news, I know how so much negativity can affect my mood. But here’s the thing, not all news is bad, and there’s a lot of good in the world. The Brightly News team created our website to offer consumers a space to take a break from negativity and see the brighter sides of life, which we believe is essential for mental health,” said Joe Sikes.

Brightly News had its soft launch in February 2021. The team has employed innovative technology–such as machine learning–to analyze over 140,000 news stories to bring readers a daily dose of good news for a change. 

Each day, our innovative technology analyzes approximately 5,000–10,000 articles, with only the top 3-4% of that content making it through to the Brightly News website for readers. Additionally, members of the team hand pick top stories to be featured as the “Editors’ Choice” on the Brightly News Morning Vibes email and social media accounts.

The Brightly News team is excited to enter the news curation space–which involves identifying trending stories and sharing them with an audience eager to consume them. While technology plays a significant part in helping the team analyze articles, it’s the team’s thirst for information and positive news stories that have them picking the best of the best.

The Brightly news team is excited to use their talents to spread positivity and bring positive news to those tired of the same old doom and gloom.

About Brightly News: Brightly News is a news curation site that tracks down and identifies trending news stories and brings them right to your inbox and social media news feeds. What sets them apart from other curation sites is that their focus is on bringing positive content to the forefront of the news cycle to give readers some reprieve from the negative news that seems to make up most of the news presented to readers.

Contact: Joe Sikes through the website or call 407.545.8802 for more information.

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