Breaking Mental Health Barriers with Fresh Perspective – Author Richard Waldman Challenges the Status Quo on a Spiritual Journey for Mental Wellness and Inner Peace

Connecting ancient wisdom and modern science in a unique approach

CAPE CORRAL, Fla., Oct. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Clinical pastor and educator, Richard Waldman recently introduced an innovative approach to mental health that boldly challenges the conventional methods currently embraced by psychiatric professionals. Drawing from both theological and psychological insights, Waldman’s methodology stands in stark contrast to establishment treatments, offering new views on mental wellness.

Introducing audiences to groundbreaking self-help treatments via a multimedia campaign, Waldman created a whole body of YouTube videos, TikTok shorts, and Facebook presentations along with a robust and active website sharing links to activities from his dynamic new book, “Your Guide to a Better Way of Thinking” (ABWOT). The ABWOT approach seeks to unravel the mysteries of human thought and behavior – mysteries that have plagued mankind from the dawn of civilization.

“Why are we the only life form on the planet that destroys itself?” Waldman asks. “And is there a connection between our destructive thinking and the fact that we suffer under the weight of hundreds of phobias and mental disorders?” With these sorts of questions to guide the reader, he immediately delves into an intellectual and spiritual space seldom explored in modern approaches to psychological well-being.

Using a therapeutic approach, ABWOT illustrates some shocking truths: like the human brain’s ability to create thoughts and emotions autonomously, which has become both a blessing and a curse. It is the source of all of humanity’s great achievements and, ironically, the source of all the world’s pain.

“The evidence is, frankly, self-evident,” Waldman explained, pointing to studies that show humans have over 6,000 thoughts per day. He believes the power of the highly creative brain has caused humanity to lose connection with a much more natural and universal harmony. And it is this disconnection that leads to various mental health ailments.

Rooted in ancient theology, ABWOT philosophy connects modern psychology with biblical teachings. “Theology and psychology share a common thread, one called inner peace,” the author said, describing Bible stories like Adam and Eve as important extended metaphors that can still help those who are struggling with contemporary mental health struggles.

This groundbreaking perspective also highlights the futility of commonly accepted treatments like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and psychotherapy. Waldman asserts that these establishment treatments, often condensed into slickly streamlined internet web apps, ultimately lack effectiveness: “These apps, with their prepackaged, sanitized answers, promise much but often deliver little. Especially for problems that are profoundly personal, individual, and spiritual. And those kinds of problems take real introspection and work to overcome.”

“But every year, millions of self-help programs are still purchased by needy readers – and what’s changed? Nothing, absolutely nothing. The mindsets are all the same. We’re still judging, blaming, hiding, and not being accountable. It’s a hamster-wheel approach that achieves nothing because it offers nothing. All while it exhausts the patient and fuels a multi-billion-dollar mental health industry.”

Waldman aims to empower individuals by helping them manage their thoughts, gain control over their psychological world, and connect with their spiritual power. This methodology connects to a place “where God does his best work” – in the depths of the human psyche.

Readers and wellness enthusiasts can explore this unique approach: “See for yourself – check out a few of our free videos. And in the meantime, take-care and be aware of your thoughts. That’s what it is all about; it just takes attention. And the realization that there’s no quick fix – no substitute for real peace.”

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