Brave Healer Productions Releases Volume 2 of Holistic Mental Health: Calm, Clear and In Control for the Rest of Your Life

BETHESDA, Md., April 23, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — More than 57 million American adults live with a mental health issue whether it be anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD or bipolar disease. That’s a considerable portion of the population who could use every resource available to them to navigate their mental challenges. That is why Brave Healer Productions just launched its second volume of Holistic Mental Health: Calm, Clear and in Control for the Rest of Your Life.

The first volume came out two years ago and like its predecessor, is helmed by Laura Mazzotta, a therapist with 20 years of experience who came to embrace holistic health-care practices after nearly dying of sepsis eight years ago. She says, “You’re meant to acknowledge both the dark and light aspects of who you are, witnessing them without judgment, and welcome all forms of energy moving through you with understanding and patience. Ultimately, disease is the culmination of several iterations of dismissing or trying to get rid of things we perceive as negative or uncomfortable. This book is here to change that narrative.”

There are chapters on how to fall in love with every part of yourself, saying no and when to say yes, quitting the cult of toxic delusion, finding the path through infertility, navigating parental anxieties, coping with a stage four cancer diagnosis, and more.

Contributing to the book besides Mazzotta are Virginia Ayres, Michelle Briggs, Marie Caluttung, Dr. Amanda A. Carpenter, Joelle Casteix, Cyndi Chipple, Tina Kinney Clarke, Cheri Davies, Sherry Minniti D’Elia, Allison L. Garces, Jennifer Ireland, Jaclyn Kaminski, Teresa Lacorazza, Melissa Lee, Casey Muze, DeeAnna Merz Nagel, Dr. Gregory Natello, Meredith O’Brien, Andrea Paquette, Jessica Preston, Jacqueline Solimini, Dr. John Stockton, Laurie B Teal, and Dr. Carolyn Trasko.

Praise for Holistic Mental Health Vol. 2

“This book is a love letter to the soul! A companion that says, ‘I see you. I can relate to you. I want to walk beside you as you heal and discover who you truly are.'” — Tinka Polite, NCC, counselor, founder & CEO of The POWHER Group, LLC

“Mental health issues strike us in ways so varied and nuanced it’s hard to imagine one book for readers suitable to help shed light on their particular dark night of the soul. Holistic Mental Health Vol. 2 accomplishes just that. Readers are gently walked through self-acceptance, breaking old patterns, healing old wounds, or incorporating more joy into their lives. The narratives, examples, exercises, and insights provided are relatable, even if different from one’s own experience. I recommend experiencing the courageous and loving authors of this work as they are breaths of fresh air, pointing the way for how to rewrite one’s story, moving from adversity to self-actualization.”— Carolyn Costin, author of 8 Keys to Recovery From an Eating Disorder

“A must-read for anyone who understands that mental health matters! It’s so well done, easy to read, and engaging. It’s filled with insight, invaluable health strategies, and inspiring stories from a collaboration of practitioners who generously share their vulnerabilities and life paths, which many readers will relate to and find hope in. I will be utilizing this as a resource with my patients and community.” — Ilana Zablozki-Amir, M.D., Brooklyn Integrative Medicine

About Laura Mazzotta

Laura Mazzotta is a consciousness mentor, Akashic records channel, and holistic therapist of 20 years. She is deeply committed to actualizing full self-acceptance through intimacy with your soul. 

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