Brave Healer Productions Releases Third Book in The Ancestors Within Series

BETHESDA, Md., June 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Brave Healer Productions is proud to announce the release of the third book in The Ancestors Within series: Recognize and Embrace the Gifts of Your Origins. The first two volumes were Amazon best-sellers and all volumes are available in print and eBook formats.

The first book, subtitled Reveal and Heal the Ancient Memories You Carry, emphasized the repeat patterns that show up in your life and how they have ancestral ties, which can be resolved. Discover and Connect with Your Ancient Origins, the second book, focused on unique ways to connect with your ancestors, and even to create interactive experiences with them. Recognize and Embrace the Gifts of Your Origins invites readers to explore the gifts they hold within them and develop and teach others their unique inherent skills.

In the new book’s dedication, lead author Amy Gillespie Dougherty says it is for people who have wondered "who are my ancestors and what was their life like? How can I learn more about them? It’s for those who poured over records, maps, newspapers, and microfiche, travel the world, tested their DNA, watch documentaries, read books and stare into the mirror in search of themselves. … Today is the day you discover your ancestors are alive within you, their memories, gifts, interest, skills and abilities."

Also contributing to the book are Amanda DeCarlo, Frank Byrum, Donald R. Dodson Jr., Misa Hopkins, Elizabeth R Kipp, Megan Reilly Koepsell, Cyndie Kramer, Dottie Lamoureux, Rosemary Levesque, Laura Mazzotta, Tanio MacCallum, Elizabeth McCain, Carolyn McGee, Arielle Jones, Bernadette Pleasant, Crystal Rasmussen, Marcia Colver Reichert, Lisa M. Saxton, Jill Sonnek, Star Studonivic, Katie Sutton, Ariann Thomas, Aundrea D. Veney, Jasmine Wallace and Shelly Raggl Young.

Among the 25 chapters are looks at accessing intuition, finding the answers to prayers, contacting soul guides for guidance, and tapping the wisdom of your inner child.

Praise for The Ancestors Within: Recognize and Embrace the Gifts of Your Origins

"Through each of these captivating personal short stories, the authors share ways in which they’ve connected with themselves and their ancestors, and ultimately, how they have transformed their lives. It’s more of a journey than a book!"  Sakura Sutter, intuitive medium, spiritual hypnotherapist, radio host of Love From the Hyp

"Past and present merge magically in The Ancestors Within. Its a sumptuous treasure trove, full of sublime stories and wonderful wisdom that take the reader on an immersive experience, as deep as our ancestral lines themselves. The tools that each expert contributor generously offers are potent gifts designed to support and empower us in the now, bridge the gap between generations. Whether you want to unlock the gifts of your ancestors, understand your heritage or just connect with their legacy that lies within your very being, this book is a hugely valuable resource."  JJ Stenhouse, The Practical Alchemist, coach. radio host. magazine editor,  speaker, writer

About the Author

When she was 38, Amy Gillespie Dougherty started a nonprofit in Mozambique, Africa, with just $150, despite never having traveled abroad before and not being able to speak the language. Six years later, that work led to her being a finalist for CNN Heroes and receiving accolades from embassies and aid organizations. Before that, she created survival skills programs for children and disadvantaged families in third world countries.

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