Brave Healer Productions Releases The Wellness Universe Guide to Self-Care: 25 Tools to Achieve Anything

BETHESDA, Md., June 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Laura Di Franco, the CEO of Brave Healer Productions, a four-year-old book publishing company, announces the release of the third book in its The Wellness Universe Guide to Self-Care series. The newest book on how to achieve anything follows ones on happiness and stress relief and has a foreword by John Paul De Joria, a global entrepreneur and philanthropist.

The 25 experts featured were hand-picked by Anna Pereira, founder of The Wellness Universe, who writes in the introduction, "Loving who you are, balancing your life, and engaging in positive habits and rituals are some of the essential bricks needed in your mental and physical foundation to support you to achieve anything. Mindset, healing old wounds, managing stress, awareness, shifting our thoughts, creating a sustainable way to live, emotional well-being, and surrounding ourselves with what is genuinely good for us, are all important to achieve anything."

Each chapter is written by a health professional who offers tips on sleeping your way to better health, achieving spiritual magnificence, taking control of your mind, and using procrastination to boost creativity.  Pereira describes the content this way: "It is an essential collection of gold nuggets that can be mined to achieve peak performance in all areas of life."

In addition to Pereira, contributors include Ingrid Auer, Dr. Patricia Talbot, Accolon Hollingsworth, Lisa Charles, Carrie Doubts, Jacqueline Solimini, Lisa A. Clayton, Melissa Jerovic, Leah Skurdal, Courtney Marchesani, Tom Heintz, Dr. Pamela Poston, Kathleen Jerin, Susan Cross, Ilene Dillon, Susan Eckert, Kim Marie Pauline, Victoria Soto, Stacey Wharton, Donna Laitinen, Angela Cummings, David McLeod, Rochel Marie Lawson, Jenine "J9" Mayring, and Jo Ann Wenner.

Praise for the book 

 "This is a wow factor! … This book takes you on a self-discovery and spiritual journey by diving deep into necessary tools that we all have and can help us through this process of spiritual awaking and self-development." Lepa Galeb-Roskopp, Misahara, designer/owner

"Anna Pereira has assembled an amazing collection of thought leaders on the critical elements of wellness—mind, body and spirit—to give her friends, both old and new alike, a holistic approach to self-actualization and improvement. I have personally benefited from this ‘anthology of well-being’ and can unequivocally endorse it to all those who are seeking positive change in their lives."  Joseph E. DaGrosa Jr., chairman, DaGrosa Capital Partners, LLC

"The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care: 25 Tools to Achieve Anything builds on the earlier books by empowering us to move beyond ‘fixing’ to proactively seeking and achieving our best selves and best lives, by deeply listening to our inner selves and our bodies and giving both the physical and the spiritual support to thrive. For anyone seeking more out of life, this is a must-read." Wendy Marston, WM Nexus co-founder, entrepreneur, impact enthusiast, philanthropist

About Brave Healer Productions

Brave Healer Productions is accepting applications for the fifth volume of The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing series, as well as volume four in The Wellness Universe series. Invited to apply are health-care professionals such as physical therapists, massage therapists, and mind and body experts, who would like to write a chapter. A full list of services offered by Brave Healing Productions can be found here. 

About The Wellness Universe

Anna Pereira is the founder of The Wellness Universe. Through her platform and her Facebook page, Circles of Inspiration by Anna Pereira, she has improved the lives of over 700,000 people.

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