Brave Healer Productions Releases Strong Mothers: More Than a Survival Guide

BETHESDA, Md., March 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Women have always shared stories about motherhood over cups of steaming coffee or at wedding and baby showers and family gatherings. But what if their powerful, candid stories were available to everyone whenever they needed the encouragement and support wise women’s voices provide? That’s the premise of Strong Mothers: More Than a Survival Guide, a just-released book from Brave Healer Productions featuring the stories of 20 accomplished women including that of lead author Christina Morris, an expectant mother coach, who wrote about how she overcame her feelings of being an inadequate mother.

Chapters range from healing post-partum depression to coping with dementia as well as ditching mommy guilt, letting children see their mother’s imperfections, and the single practice that lets mothers start their mornings out right.

In addition to Morris, the book’s contributors include Laura Di Franco, CEO and founder of Brave Healer Productions; Atlantis Wolf, Brave Healer’s COO; Pat Bell, Aricka Brazer, Jacqueline M. Kane, Kandi Leigh, Ali Levine, Lisa Lickert, Sally Martin, Laura McKinnon, Angela Medway Smith, Linda Aileen Miller, Layne Eliese Mills, Dr. Pamela J. Pine, Dr. Ahriana Platten, Lisa Russell, Tanya Saunders, Michele Tatos, and Lulu Trevena.

"You’ll read triumphant, authentic stories of courage, empowerment, and tough self-love among these pages. Allow the inspiration and encouragement to move you," says Di Franco.

Praise for Strong Mothers

"If you’re a mother, or have a mother, this book will interest, inspire, and transform you. Remarkable women tell their stories with honesty, wisdom, and compassion. … Highly recommended for any woman who longs to find her strength and potential to live fully." Naomi Shragai, psychotherapist, journalist and author of The Man Who Mistook His Job For His Life

"What a gorgeous collection of stories on motherhood. Each woman gives an honest insight into her experience along with a ‘tool’ they discovered which helped them navigate the darker days. I’m particularly fond of Christina Morris’ poetic reflections on pregnancy and those early days and how combining cycling with gratitude affirmations restored her sense of sanity and inner power."Ebony Gilbert, doula, poet and author of This Skin Im In

"As a mother of three, I know motherhood can be the most wonderful gift, but at times can feel incredibly lonely, isolating, chaotic, scary, and just plain hard. Strong Mothers is like a warm embrace from women who’ve been through it and understand. … A must-read for moms and moms-to-be!" Stephanie Keith, CEO of Law of Attraction Tribe, owner of Manifest It Now app and author of Trust the Universe

About the Author

As the owner of Yes Mama Mindset, Christina Morris coaches expectant mothers, helping them believe in themselves and with positive prioritization. She’s the co-author of Black Belt Women: Lessons on Perseverance, and is a kickboxing Black Belt and sensei. She loves cycling, martial arts, yoga, Pilates, swimming, and weightlifting. She serves as a product lead for, a Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 Index company.

About Brave Healer Productions

Brave Healer Productions specializes in book publishing and business strategy for healers. It has published 27 books, including 20 Amazon best-sellers, among them the series The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing. The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care, and The Ancestors Within. She also runs Brave Badass Healers, a Community for World Changers group on Facebook that offers free monthly business development and networking sessions.

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