Boostlingo Experts Contribute to Groundbreaking Textbook on Remote Interpreting

This Textbook Combines the Insights of a Unique Group of Industry Leaders to Standardize and Professionalize the Field of Remote Interpreting

AUSTIN, Texas, July 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Boostlingo, the Austin-based language software and technology company, is celebrating the culmination of a four-year project assembling The Remote Interpreter: An International Textbook, Vol. 1, Foundations in Remote Interpreting.

In 2019, The Remote Interpreter was started by two of its authors, Marjory A. Bancroft and Dieter Runge. Inspired by a shared goal to professionalize and standardize the growing remote interpreting profession, they hoped to create a comprehensive instructional textbook and resource-rich guide for remote interpreting practitioners and the organizations that employ them, with support from a diverse team of remote interpreting experts recruited from Cross-Cultural Communications, Boostlingo, and UpHealth. This unique group of professionals—united by their passion and commitment to the industry—devoted their personal and professional lives to creating this book and training.

The Remote Interpreter represents a significant milestone for the interpreting profession, offering up-to-date, comprehensive insights across all areas of the remote interpreting field. Published by Culture and Language Press, the acclaimed imprint of Cross-Cultural Communications, this will be its most ambitious textbook to date.

The authorship team of The Remote Interpreter includes Boostlingo’s Dieter Runge, Co-Founder and VP of Global Strategy and Growth; Caroline Remer, VP of Language Access; and Katharine Allen, Training Specialist. Other esteemed authors include Sarah Stockler-Rex, Danielle Meder, Tatiana González-Cestari from Uphealth, and Marjory A. Bancroft. In addition, Rocío Treviño, Director of Language Services at Boostlingo, contributed to developing the remote interpreter evaluation tool in the textbook.

“Remote interpreting is an exciting and rapidly evolving field,” says Dieter Runge, Co-Author, and Co-Founder of Boostlingo, “We’re eager to share this first-of-its-kind textbook that will equip both new and practicing interpreters with a foundation of best practices, industry standards, and resources. We feel this will be a practical resource for those seeking to gain insight across the spectrum of the interpretation profession and industry.”

A second volume of this textbook has largely been completed and will take a deeper dive into the remote interpreting specialization. It’s planned for a 2024 release. 

For more information about The Remote Interpreter (TRI) Textbook or to purchase, visit TRI’s product page:

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