Launches New AI-Powered e-Reader Site

BROOKLYN, N.Y., Nov. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ —┬áToday, announces the launch of its flagship e-reader site, an online book application that harnesses AI and tech to help readers read better. Offering the widest available range of digital features, is a key tool for speed-reading and learning new languages. enables users to engage more deeply with the books they read through virtual communities and instantly accessible information about texts.

The new site will allow users to access all the standard e-book features that readers have come to expect, including a dictionary search, highlighting, bookmarking, and annotating features, in addition to shareable quotes and one-click pronunciations.

But also goes beyond existing e-readers by offering new, tech-driven capabilities accessible straight from the site. Its signature feature is an AI bot that allows readers to ask questions about a page of any site-supported book in English and view answers in real time. facilitates speed-reading through a unique skip feature. Using intuitive design, the skip feature allows readers to focus on individual words, sentences, and paragraphs. This limits eye movement, keeps readers’ attention locked-in, and aligns with established recommendations for skimming texts while keeping reading comprehension high. The skip feature is intended to serve students, academics, and business workers who need to quickly absorb information across multiple texts–and it’s also handy for the pleasure reader who wants to increase the number of books they’re reading.

Readers seeking to learn a new language will be able to use to interpret new vocabulary while reading. The site features a microphone capability that allows users to read out loud into a microphone, while a synchronous translation appears on their screens. Language learners can also highlight or double-click on individual words and sentences to gain immediate access to accurate translations–and audio plays of their correct pronunciations. currently supports these features across 7 different languages–English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Polish, and French–and plans are in place to further expand language capacities across more regions. By uploading free books from the public domain, Booklyn will remain financially accessible for all users, offering the world’s greatest works of literature and nonfiction as it expands from over 300 titles to an anticipated figure in the millions.

Booklyn’s social media side–which uses a follow model to enable members to share quotes and annotations with friends–will sustain this growth and uniquely combine online interaction with personal reading.

After a successful beta launch, plans to further develop its artificial intelligence bot, enabling key features in the future. Planned capabilities include book summarization, an advanced search feature, sophisticated language and grammar learning tools, and a digital personal assistant tailored to reading habits. In addition, is developing add-on capacities, including a physical e-reader device and verticals for comic books, math textbooks, and scientific articles. is a new, exciting tool for academics, entrepreneurs, language-learners and pleasure readers alike. Users from around the world can visit the site today to learn more.

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