Blazing a New Path to Power: Marvin Peake Unveils the “Ki’s” to the Kingdom

NEW YORK, Feb. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Global Access Publishing announces the soon to be released book: Out of the Tunnel – An Epic Tale of Battles, Breakthroughs and New Beginnings. In this upcoming captivating true-life story, new author Marvin Peake takes the distilled wisdom and proven solutions hes learned from some of the wealthiest and most influential people in past and modern history, and he shares it with the world.

This gripping saga begins with one mans quest to overcome abandonment, homelessness, betrayal, and continuous setbacks to demolish suffering at its roots. It is purposed to raise awareness, heal past trauma, and revolutionize the meaning of self-worth, relationships, and wealth.

Through this breathtaking journey, a contemporary set of songs in the Ki of Life is offered to the reader. Ki taken from the Eastern philosophy for universal energy or life-force is cleverly used as insights or takeaways, and *shows* that lifes inevitable challenges *dont* just happen to us, but rather for us. Ki is an Eastern term for universal energy. A force that penetrates everywhere, uniting all the manifestations of the Universe, visible and invisible. Each Ki in Out of the Tunnel invites the reader to more than just a "how-to" guide. They allow the energy to flow through the story and into the personalized experience of the reader, giving a clearer understanding that when we dont sufficiently succeed at positively meeting our needs, it negatively impacts our overall sense of well-being.

Marvin describes this compelling read as a hip-hop flavored Celestine Prophecy meets Think and Grow Rich that shockingly turns to Who Moved My Cheese, and ends in *A* New Earth.

Marvin describes his biggest passion and overall message in this book is: "the awakening of humanity to a oneness. To help grow us out of the darkness of individualism and into the light of higher awareness. Helping us to understand that though we have individual life assignments and personalized cosmic curriculums, were not alone. We are all inextricably connected, encompassed together in a unified field and sharing in the unity of the All-Pervasive Spirit. My presence, purpose, and passion is to help us to see that we are not only a reflection of each other but rather extensions of each other. What I want for myself, I want for you. For you are me, and I am you. We are one. And without you, I dont exist. Without me, you dont exist."

Critics describe this non-fiction as *"incredibly inspiring, an emotional ride that deeply pulls the reader in and moves us through extreme lows and on into breakthrough highs with delightful surprises along the ride."* 

The list of notables featured in Out of the Tunnel includes: Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Michael Jordan, the late Wayne Dyer, Dr. Joe Dispenza, former President George W. Bush and many more.

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