Black Rose Writing Announces Release of Sherri L. Dodd’s New Book, Murder Under Redwood Moon

Murder Under Redwood Moon, the majestic redwoods of Santa Cruz County create a cozy world of magic and wonder; they also conceal a psychotic serial killer searching for his next supple victim.

The Evergreen Canopy Hides Many Secrets!

GILROY, Calif., March 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Sherri L. Dodd’s MURDER UNDER REDWOOD MOON releases 03/21/24. Pitched as a thrilling Paranormal Murder Mystery, Murder Under Redwood Moon is the Debut, New Adult Novel that follows Arista Kelly, a modern-day good witch, living her life amongst the grounded people of Boulder Creek, CA. Also described as a power-cozy, that builds a foundation of diverse characters before careening toward its energized ending. If you enjoy an easy read of ghosts, magick realism and a dash of romance, step into Arista’s world and her love of tea, crystals and all things natural.

At the age of eight, Arista Kelly’s parents mysteriously left her in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Now at the age of twenty-three, she has long settled quite nicely into an eclectic lifestyle, under the guardianship of her great aunt, Bethie. She enjoys the use of herbs and crystals and finds pleasure in the company of her beloved pet, Royal. She is also finally making moves to attract a long-time friend.

Quite satisfied with her mundane life, affairs become unsettling when a new recurring vision of an ominous tattoo as well as increased activity from the ghostly presence within her own cottage invade her once-harmonious existence. An even darker turn awaits as the body of an old friend is found in the nearby river. With other young women falling prey to a serial killer, she realizes the terror is coming for her.

Raised in southeast Texas, Sherri grew up walking barefoot and catching crawdads in creek beds. A true lover of the outdoors, her childhood also ran rampant with talk of ghosts, demons and back country folklore. This inspired her first short story about a poisonous flower that shot toxins onto children as they smelled it. Her classmate bought it for all the change in his pocket. Not long after, her mother and she headed to California. She has ping-ponged throughout the area ever since, with the Santa Cruz Mountains treasured as one of her favorites places to live.

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