Bestselling Author Launches New Membership Program to Help Overcome Depression

MONROEVILLE, Pa., Sept. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — In her bestselling book, Out of the Darkness – Aligning Science and Spirit to Overcome Depression, award-winning author, Debra Holz shares her courageous story of awakening, healing, joy, and peace. Now, Holz offers a way for people to benefit directly from her experiences through a new membership program.

More than 21 million Americans suffer from some form of depression. Far too often, the condition leads the sufferer down a painful pathway toward substance abuse and suicidal thoughts. For more than 50 years of her life, crippling depression dictated Holz’s negative beliefs in herself and her life’s purpose.

Holz was raised in a deeply religious family with an emotionally troubled mother and an abusive father. The crippling trauma she experienced as a child led her down a dark path of addiction, self-loathing, and depression. After decades of psychological and pharmaceutical treatment, nothing helped, and she regularly found herself wanting to die.

On the brink of suicide, Holz was suddenly overwhelmed with the idea there must be another way to treat her problem beyond the traditional medical and psychiatric methods. After a great deal of research, she found a way to reframe the events of her childhood and, as she says, “cured” her depression.

“I became obsessed with learning everything I could about the brain and discovered that we aren’t really hardwired, as most would have you believe,” she explained. “Studying neuroplasticity and quantum physics as it relates to psychology, I learned how to rewire my brain. Understanding the real science behind the ways energy and thought coexist helped me to learn who I am and allowed me to cure the depression, for good.”

“Once you learn the truth, that depression is a neurochemical response, there is no reason to be depressed. Now I have the tools,” she said, and she wants to share her techniques with the millions of people who suffer from depression.

“I no longer fear returning to the darkness because I simply can’t. Because for me to be depressed again would be a choice, a choice to forget everything I’ve learned, and that’s impossible,” Holz explained. “For me, it was the story of how my brain was wired for depression as a child.”

In Out of the Darkness – Aligning Science and Spirit to Overcome Depression, Holz candidly shares the 6-step approach she developed to rewire her brain and, thereby, her neurochemistry, ultimately leading to a deep joy and peace she had never known. The book has become a number one, new release bestseller in 6 categories and won The Authors Zone 2022 Non-Fiction Spiritual Book of the Year.

Holz sees her mission as a calling to help others out of the darkness that once consumed her life. “I started sharing my story with people and someone convinced me I could help people,” Holz said. “It’s become my passion, and it has helped to give me a meaning to my life. It’s what I’m supposed to be doing.”

The launch of her new membership program, “Depression Free Life,” will help continue that work. Members will have direct access to Holz as she shares her methods through monthly articles, videos, lessons, and exercises. The program is being offered to founding members at $35 per month, for a limited time. It all begins with a free download of her six steps to living depression-free.

To learn more about Holz’s journey, purchase her book, or for membership information, go online to

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