Award Winning Surfer Bethany Hamilton Releases “Surfing Past Fear,” a Children’s Book That Inspires Kids to Overcome Their Fears

HOUSTON, Oct. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Bethany Hamilton released her children’s book, “Surfing Past Fear, which takes you on her journey as a rising surfing star at the age of 13. A family of friendly cartoon characters were designed to lighten the heavy load of tragedy and leave kids 4+ with lessons of hope and learning.

Bethany’s story is truly one filled with hope and inspiration. While surfing one day, an encounter with a 14-foot tiger shark caused her to lose her left arm. When rushed to the hospital, she had lost over 60% of her blood. She thought her dream career was over. Yet, a month later, she dared to try surfing again, except this time with one arm. Eventually she won her first national surfing title, and today she is considered one of the the top-ranked surfers in the world.

“I’m so excited for everyone to be able to experience this story, and I pray that it encourages you to be resilient and adaptable when life isn’t perfect, and to live in faith, rather than fear.” – Bethany Hamilton

Her book comes with two games that all kids can participate in: Fearing Freaky Food & Cowabunga. These games will teach the kids two lessons including “the root of fear is a lack of trust”, and “the fear of failure can stop our progress in life.”

About Bethany Hamilton, Author of Surfing Past Fear

“Known most notably as one of the biggest comeback stories of our era, Bethany Hamilton has become synonymous with inspiration. Her story of determination, faith, and hope has resounded in encouragement worldwide. At 17 years old, she realized her dream of surfing professionally and she is still an active surf competitor to this day. Bethany has been able to touch a large number of people with her faith message, charitable efforts, and overall spirit. Her greatest joy is being a wife and mother, and she continues to touch and inspire lives globally as a professional surfer, author and motivational speaker. She has her own blog and online course on helping others become unstoppable. And with a passion for supporting teens and strengthening the family unit, Bethany now offers Mother Daughter mentorship experiences and Hawaii Retreats.”

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