Award-Winning Memoir, Wisdom Keeper: My Extraordinary Journey to Unlock the Sacred Within, Celebrates Worldwide Spanish Release

GOLD WINNER: Memoir by female—2022 Living Now Book Awards—Books for Better Living

FINALIST New Age: Nonfiction—2022 International Book Awards

ARDEN, N.C., Oct. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — This memoir is changing lives, inspiring readers to take a personal self-healing journey.

“My entire life I have always felt that books held secrets. That if I just keep picking up a book I would find one chapter, one sentence, or even one word that would change my life. After a lifetime of this intuition, I found the book that I had been waiting for my entire life. Gripping from the very first paragraph, Chloe’s writing is melodic, familiar and comforting; her stories are relatable and astonishing all at once. I’ve never felt so buoyed by a book.” — Graciela Valdés

Psychic dreams and visions, remembering past lives, and becoming an intuitive shamanic healerthis is the story of an ordinary woman’s extraordinary spiritual journey. With raw honesty, Chloe Kemp shares her story of awakening to her Divine purpose, healing herself, and her journey to heal others. She reveals the Divine pathway to a more peaceful, happy, fulfilled and healthy life.

Chloe’s extraordinary journey is filled with miracles, visions, lucid and prophetic dreams, parallel universes, and knowledge of past lives. She healed herself from deeply embedded trauma, an incurable illness, and serious medical conditions.

Chloe shares significant mystical experiences she had in Ecuador, Europe, Mexico and the U.S., including an invitation to become a Spiritual Grandmother.


“Chloe’s heartfelt journey is the real deal here to inspire us all. A must-read for all who want true transformation.” — Dr. Shannon South, Award-Winning Therapist, Best-Selling Author.

“Every experience written by Chloe in her spiritual memoir has a healing purpose. She reveals to us the importance of connection with the spiritual world, physical world, and our past lives to the present. This book is truly for everyone.” — Eduardo Morales, Shamanic Curandero, Tepoztlán, Mexico.

“WISDOM KEEPER is filled with wonderful personal experiences on the power of healing, visualizations, dreams, and listening to our inner voices. It inspires the reader to go deep within themselves and invite their own personal self-healer to emerge.” — River Guerguerian, Sound Immersion Healer, Musician.

Book Tour, Oct. 7-22: Chloe Kemp presents Guardiana de la Sabiduría: Mi Extraordinario Viaje para Liberar la Sagrado Interior and the English edition.

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