Author Russell Hasan is Pleased to Announce the Launch of “Russell’s Twenty Book Challenge,” An Initiative to Encourage People to Read All Twenty of His Nonfiction Books, and to Thereby Gain Mastery of His Theory of Philosophy, Logic, Economics, Law, Psychology and Ethics

NORWALK, Conn., Sept. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Russell Hasan is announcing the launch of an initiative entitled “Russell’s Twenty Book Challenge,” a program of study in which a person reads the 20 unique nonfiction books by author Russell Hasan. The Challenge is open to everyone and no purchase is necessary to enter. Upon completion of the program, a reader should expect to have mastered the basic concepts of Hasanian logic, epistemology, ethics, psychology, law, and economics, which can benefit a person in the business world and in their personal life. After a person completes the challenge, they are invited to email a confirmation to Russell Hasan at, and he will email them a personalized certificate of completion.

The reading list:

1. A System of Legal Logic: Using Aristotle, Ayn Rand, and Analytical Philosophy to Understand the Law, Interpret Cases, and Win in Litigation (A Scholarly Monograph)

2. Everything is Something: A Philosophical Dialogue About Logic, Language, Words, Meanings, Truth, and The Theory of Things

3. If P Then Q: Why Philosophy Can Teach You How to Think and Help You Live a Happy Life by the Methods of Applying Logic to Solve the Problems in Your Life and Achieve Success (A Scholarly Monograph)

4. On Forgiveness

5. The Power of Objectivism: Ayn Rand and John Galt and Atlas Shrugged and The Morality of Life, Intelligence, Greed, Selfishness, Rationality, Individuality, Integrity, Capitalism, Desire, and Freedom

6. Rand’s Axiom Problem: On Objectivity, Ontology, Essence, Epistemology, Deduction, Induction, and the Foundations of Knowledge

7. On Self-Reliance, Self-Esteem, and Intellectual Honesty

8. What is Philosophy?

9. Golden Rule Libertarianism: A Defense of Freedom in Social, Economic, and Legal Policy

10. What They Won’t Tell You About Objectivism: Thoughts on the Objectivist Philosophy in the Post-Randian Era

11. To Be Loved, Love; To Be Liked, Be Nice to People; To Be an Adult, Forgive People: Emotions and Social Interactions, Explained

12. An Essay on Reason and Perception

13. Economics: A Theory of Prices Based on Supply and Demand

14. Economics: A Theory of Capital

15. Libertarian Economics: A Manifesto and an Explanation

16. Moral Logic and Economic Logic: On Knowledge, Choice, Will, Desire, The Moral Ideal, Economics, and Economic Value, with a System of Symbolic Logical Notation

17. How Objectivism Has Helped Me Be a Better Person as an LGBTQ with Autism, Capitalism is Good, Neo-Corporatism as Neo-Feudalism is Evil, and Other Essays

18. The Ethics and Morality of Human Sexuality

19. Love Without Labels: The Fifteen Questions and Answers that Define Your Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, and Relationship Status

20. There is No “Hot” and “Not Hot,” Only Desires, and Those Too Weak to Satisfy Them, and Love is You are a Yes for Them and They are a Yes for You

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