Author Paul LeBon Releases New Book Detailing President Kennedy’s Last 24 Hours

JFK in Texas—A Triumphant Two Day Journey Until . . .

BOSTON, Nov. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Author Paul LeBon has recently published his latest book titled JFK in Texas—A Triumphant Two Day Journey Until . . .

For fifty-nine years, most Americans’ only impression of President Kennedy’s time in Texas has been a six second video clip of the presidential limousine being fired upon and speeding off. Most people think that the President flew from Washington to Dallas, rode downtown in his motorcade and was shot.

The truth is NOW REVEALED in JFK in Texas—A Triumphant Two Day Journey Until . . .

The President and Mrs. Kennedy spent 24 hours in Texas, spending Thursday visiting San Antonio and Houston where they were greeted by throngs lined five deep on sidewalks, crammed on balconies and rooftops, reminiscent of New York ticker tape parades. People came out to see the bright smiling faces of President and Mrs. Kennedy rolling along in open limousines at a mere 11 MPH. It was an unprecedented showing of affection for the handsome young president. Something never seen since.

An estimated crowd of 3,000 waited until almost Midnight to welcome them to Fort Worth. And though he wasn’t set to address a Chamber of Commerce Breakfast until 9:00 am, by 7:00 am crowds had jammed parking lots around the hotel. In response, a podium was set up outdoors and President Kennedy gave his last extemporaneous remarks. The streets of Dallas were jammed with citizens, and the President twice stopped his limousine to shake hands.

In this well-researched book, Paul LeBon, a 32-year resident of Dallas shares anecdotes and photos never publicized. This is not a rehash or ‘theory’ about the assassination, but an accurate Love Story about the people of Texas and President and Mrs. John F. Kennedy.


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