Author Lex A’llure Helps Repair Generational Trauma in New Book, “The Remodel: Reconstructing My Reality”

HOUSTON, Feb. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Meet Lex A’llure, author of The Remodel: "Reconstructing My Reality & Repairing Generational Trauma." Available now on Amazon in paperback and eBook formats.

Lex A’llure is a multi-talented and multi-passionate young woman who feels that telling her story is important now more than ever.

Like many, her journey hasn’t been easy, but it has equipped her with the knowledge and passion that’s needed to assist others through their hardships. She understands how to fight through trauma and succeed anyway!

Lex feels that "Many don’t understand the ways that their experiences, environments, and things within them helped shape their mind, beliefs, values, and how they view not only themselves, but the world."

To overcome this lack of knowledge, Lex carefully breaks these truths down by using her personal experiences as an example.

A thrilling read, "The Remodel", includes poetry, stories, and thought-provoking questions that will spark curiosity in the reader about his or her own journey.

Be prepared to laugh, to cry, and to realize the role you play in your destiny as timeless wisdom is shared throughout this book. 

Her book is available for purchase on at BUY HERE!           

About the Author: Lex A’llure is a young visionary who aims to use her talents and creativity to plant a seed of inspiration, hope, and healing into everyone that she encounters.

Whether it’s through her writing, singing, drawing, clothing creations, hair artistry or simply her ability to speak to the hearts of others, her goal is to help free people from their self-limiting beliefs so they too can begin unlocking their inner greatness.

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