Author and Political Theorist, James A. Nannen, Releases New BombshellBook: ‘2024 Off Ramp: Will Doug Tinsdale Use It?’

An allegorical exploration on why Donald Trump should NOT run for President again

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., May 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Author James A. (Jim) Nannen announced the release of his political allegory, "2024 Off Ramp," exploring the political history of title character, Doug Tinsdale – an ex-President who decides he wants to run for the U.S Presidency again despite the potential for catastrophe. The book is a timely exploration of a series of events and themes that are both prescient and informative, for a nation split violently down the middle along political lines. Ultimately, perhaps the best decision is for Doug to take the Off Ramp and get off the political highway – using his clout to help elevate another in his place instead. "2024 Off Ramp" is available for purchase via Amazon or LULU books.

"2024 Off Ramp" Synopsis: Once President of the most powerful nation on the planet, DougTinsdale lost his reelection bid in a stunning voter reversal and rebuke of his policies and political approach. Now, four years later, he decides he wants to run again and reclaim a seat in the Oval Office. Unfortunately, there are scores of voters who just wish he would skip the campaign altogether. Not only were his policies widely considered ineffective and divisive, but his demeanor was abrasive at best – creating a social media/MSM frenzy that produced an American schism unseen since the Civil War. Frankly, Doug simply rubbed people the wrong way. But will he listen to his supporters? His conscience? Will he use his power to divide the public further, or serve as King Maker in the next election? Only time will tell.

Author James Nannen uses the time-honored tradition of American political allegory to follow fictional character Doug Tinsdale in his quixotic journey through the American political landscape. And although no real person is named in the story, readers will be familiar with some of the characters mentioned or hinted at along the way. Ultimately, "2024 Off Ramp" is a plea for sanity in a country heading off the rails.

"The consensus 2024 Ticket will be a couple of professionals that I guarantee will get things fixed," said James Nannen. "In the story, I offer up a couple of professionals who would certainly get America back on track and be respected again on the world stage. Wait until you read about MP Squared, who will knock your socks off as the presidential candidate of choice by everyone. And VP Squared is not to be missed either. I expect ‘2024 Off Ramp’ will be one of the most talked-about and read books as we approach this contentious 2024 Presidential election cycle."

About James A. (Jim) Nannen

An author and serial entrepreneur, Jim is a modern-day Renaissance man who graduated from Springfield College in 1966 with what he calls a "Double-E Degree" in English and Economics. Jim then hopped a freighter to sail through the Panama Canal to visit both Tahiti and Australia, before taking a job as a door-to-door Encyclopedia salesman – eventually becoming one of their top salespeople. Jim moved on to help open one of the first pet store franchises in the U.S., along with a book, record, and candy store, before eventually moving to Florida with his wife and opening a chain of pet stores called "Animal House." He now spends his time curating his celebrated collection of Croatian reverse-glass paintings and writing.

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