As Ernest Shackleton’s Endurance Is Found, A Greater Shipwreck—The Subject of a New Novel, The Law of the Sea—Remains Elusive

AUSTIN, Texas, March 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The find of Ernest Shackleton’s shipwreck Endurance has sparked interest in some of the most mysterious shipwrecks ever lost. Perhaps the greatest of these is the Flor de la Mar, which disappeared over five hundred years ago and is said to be worth billions of dollars in today’s terms. The Flor de la Mar is the subject of a new novel by Dave Gerard, The Law of the Sea.

The Flor de la Mar was a Portuguese carrack that sank five hundred years ago in the Strait of Malacca, a waterway off the northern coast of Sumatra. It was the flagship of a famed Portuguese conqueror named Alfonso de Albuquerque. Soon after Albuquerque set sail back to Portugal, a terrible storm hit his fleet, sinking the ship. Albuquerque himself made a harrowing escape on a makeshift raft. But the Flor de la Mar, along with its cargo and everyone aboard, was irrevocably lost. The Flor de la Mar was said to have contained the richest treasure ever gathered in the history of the Portuguese Empire. Although the ship has been sought for five hundred years, proof of the wreck has remained elusive.

The Law of the Sea is a fast-paced legal and historical thriller that follows young lawyer Texas Jack Carver as he tries to unravel a mysterious death on behalf of a client. Jack soon discovers that the death was linked to the Flor de la Mar. As Jack scrambles to solve the mystery, he is pitted against giant corporations and their powerful lawyers, who force him to fight a legal battle that begins in Texas but soon spreads across the world. The Law of the Sea is based on real history and maritime law surrounding ancient shipwrecks.

Dave Gerard is a pen name for Dov Preminger, an Austin, Texas-based lawyer. Dov wrote and published The Law of the Sea during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is his first novel. Dov has a diverse background. Born in Israel to parents from Chile and Zimbabwe, he grew up in Los Angeles before moving to Texas seven years ago.

The Law of the Sea has debuted to stellar reviews since it was self-published at the end of summer 2021. One reviewer praised Dov as "without question one of the best young legal novelists in the United States. [The Law of the Sea features] [a] taut, interesting plot with excellent research, finely developed characterizations, compelling court scenes with a wide sweep through maritime history make this the page-turner of the year." The Law of the Sea can be purchased on Amazon in eBook and paperback formats at the below link:

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