Are You Just Another Worker Lost in the Rat Maze With Everyone Else? – Employment Strategist and Business Expert, Joseph S. Sanchez, Publishes Powerful New Volume to Help American Employees Get Ahead: ‘Soar Like an Eagle, and Leave the Pack Behind’

HACKENSACK, N.J., Nov. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Author and educator Joseph Sanchez announced the release of a new guidebook filled with the experience and practical advice he has taught for many years in classrooms and to his professional clients and friends. Serving as an easy-to-use guidebook and written in a no-nonsense way, “Soar Like an Eagle” guides workers out of the futility of doing the same thing, day in and day out, while getting back nothing. Offering tools and useful mental strategies, “Soar Like an Eagle” teaches that the road to better employment and a happier life is paved with good habits and smarter intentions. Published by Penmen Media LLC, the book is available via Amazon.

It is a total myth that the key to better employment, more money, and increased happiness can be found in multitasking and working harder,” said Sanchez. “That rarely helps. You have to work smarter and wiser – and that all starts in the mind. You have to think beyond just pleasing a bunch of middle-management bosses. It will never get you anywhere. Instead, think bigger. Think broader.”

“Soar Like an Eagle” provides real tools for increasing effectiveness at work, outperforming coworkers, creating a good mindset to stay goal-focused, and using a reader’s own cultivated skills to get ahead. Leveraging a worker’s inherent talents, skills, relationships with others, and opportunity building, the book gives transformative strategies based on:

  • Setting clear goals and objectives to start smart.
  • Managing time better so more gets done with less stress.
  • Making the important decisions quickly – when it matters most.
  • Learning how to negotiate agreements that are mutually beneficial.
  • Improving tonality and maintaining good physical health.
  • Maintaining a good attitude that leads to better behavior and great communication.
  • Managing both finances and success to stay in the flow.
  • And much more…

You have to train yourself to reach beyond what is required,” said Sanchez. “And that’s the whole package: from learning how to look for and exploit opportunities, building relationships, controlling your emotions, getting your finances and health in order, and learning how to stop being a victim. It’s a wholistic approach – taking care of your body and spirit as well as your mind. A system of thinking and acting that puts you on a good track toward being a better performer overall – not just at work, but at life. Let me show you how.”

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