Anthology Celebrating Legend and Lore in the British Isles Doesn’t MYTH the Mark

RICHMOND, Va., Aug. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — USA Today bestselling author Tina Glasneck returns with the latest release in her bestselling Order of the Dragon series, but this time, it’s in celebration of Scottish legends in the multi-author collection, LOVE AND LEGENDS. Set in the town of Caithness, Scotland, where legend has it unicorns have been sighted, Glasneck’s story, A VAMPIRE’S BLESSING, offers a new take on a fascinating tale of the British Isles.

Glasneck, known for her love of Norse myth and folklore, was excited to tackle the legend of the unicorn whilst siting near Old Wick Castle, weaving it into her contribution to this exciting collection. 

LOVE AND LEGENDS offers a mélange of stories based on and set across the British Isles and Ireland. "I did most of my research on Caithness online," Glasneck notes, adding that it was challenging because she could not visit Old Wick castle in person due to the pandemic and the travel bans–a journey she hopes to complete one day soon.

"My love of Norse mythology extends outside of Scandinavia, as the Vikings and Norse also settled abroad in places like Caithness." The Vikings reigned in many of the isles, including this far northeast corner of Scotland, from 850 A.D. until 1266 A.D.

Glasneck, who also writes about Norse gods like Loki and Thor, is always looking for a chance to bring history and myth to life. She says that since she has so much joy in doing so, even more opportunities continually arise. "I like to think that the Norse gods are giving me a boon as I help to share their myths."

Her fantasy books, specifically the Hell Chronicles, follow the Norse gods after their arrival to Earth. "I like to call the series ‘Buffy’ meets ‘American Gods’. It’s what happens when the Earth needs a hero and the only one available is a feisty heroine willing to risk it all for humanity."

"The Norse myths continue to teach me something new every day," she continues. "My favorite deity is Loki, as he’s an agent of change. I find that the myths show that we can continue to push forward."

And pushing forward, she does. Glasneck is one of the 125 authors to send her catalog of books to the moon on Astrobotic Technology’s Peregrine Mission One lander as part of the Writers on the Moon lunar time capsule. This mission is the first commercial launch, which includes payloads from NASA, DLR —German Aerospace Center, Bosch, and even Dogecoin.

The launch is slated for 2022. 

LOVE AND LEGENDS features stories from Tina Glasneck, Margo Bond Collins, Skye MacKinnon, Laura Greenwood, Arizona Tape, Ann Gimpel, Anthea Sharp, Zoey Indiana, Bec McMaster, Demelza Carlton, Joely Sue Burkhart, Tracy Cooper-Posey, Mia Harlan & Hanleigh Bradley, Gemma Cates, TB Mann, Meredith Medina, K. R. Max, and Lili Black.

LOVE AND LEGENDS releases August 17, 2021. Discover more about Tina Glasneck, download a FREE book, and learn more about the new anthology at 

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