An Apocalyptic Message in Plain Sight – Dr. Richard Ruhling Authors New Book and Begins Speaking Tour Describing God’s Plan for the End of America: ‘From Lockdown to Knockdown, the Fall of America and New World Order’

PRESCOTT, Ariz., June 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Richard Ruhling announced an upcoming visit to California as part of a speaking tour related to his new book: "From Lockdown to Knockdown." Warning of the impending "Big One" – an enormous earthquake that will initiate the End Times – Dr. Ruhling outlines many "when this, then that" signs that he believes warn of an impending Apocalypse.

For example, "the vision at the time of the end" is a conflict with a ram that has horns of Medes and Persians (Daniel 8:7,17,20), but those areas are Iraq and Iran. War is triggered as Muslims take Jerusalem (Zech 14:1-3). Their Dome on the Rock has an inscription, Allah has no Son, but the Bible says: "the Lord shall roar from Jerusalem … the heavens and earth shall shake" (Joel 3:16), and they will flee.

"An earthquake will initiate ‘the day of the Lord’ as God ‘shakes terribly the earth, (Isa 2:12,21). With a crescendo of earthquakes worldwide, it seems to many that the big one will be upon us soon; most likely in California – where it will not be missed by the Lord’s global audience," said Dr. Ruhling.

From the Introduction:
"The Bible says God is going to make a full end of all nations except for those who choose His kingdom (dominion of a king by His laws that Christ said are in effect ’till heaven and earth pass’ Matt 5:18.). This book shows how we get there from where we are with an Egypt-like event." … "There can be no higher reward or destiny than what God is offering us. Please join me in this journey. God sees the end from the beginning (Isaiah 46:10) and we must not ‘wait and see’…."

Far more than just doom and gloom though, Ruhling states that God has an overarching plan to spare all who want to live according to the Bible as they seek to understand it better. For more information, go to Amazon to read the introduction of "From Lockdown to Knockdown, the Fall of America."

About Dr. Richard Ruhling
Dr. Ruhling is a retired, board-certified physician who was Assistant Professor of Health Science at Loma Linda University. Dr. Ruhling is currently the President of Total Health, Inc., a nonprofit educational organization that promotes a positive lifestyle and wholistic health, rather than a dependence on prescription drugs. Author of "Why You Shouldn’t Ask Your Doctor" and "The Bridegroom Comes!", Dr. Ruhling is available for public speaking on his books and a variety of health topics.

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