Alan McKim’s “Doing The Doing” Becomes Amazon #1 Bestseller

NORWELL, Mass., Feb. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Doing The Doing, the book chronicling the story of Alan McKim and his environmental services company Clean Harbors, today became a number-one bestseller in several categories on

McKim founded Clean Harbors in 1980 with just four employees, a used truck and a wealth of determination. He wrote Doing The Doing as a way to recount major milestones in his personal and professional life. He also wanted the book to underscore his deep appreciation of and gratitude for the tens of thousands of employees who, through their talent and dedication, helped shape Clean Harbors into the leading environmental and industrial services company in North America today.

When asked about what excites him about the book, McKim said: “My hope is that by showcasing one man’s journey, filled with wins, losses, risk taking and sacrifice, a roadmap has been created that could be applied to almost any business situation. Doing The Doing doesn’t hold back, as it’s filled with straight talk about the trials and tribulations of starting, managing and growing an idea into one of the most successful companies in North America.”

This past November, McKim announced that he was stepping down as CEO after more than 40 years in that role. He will become Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Technology Officer (CTO), effective March 31. In his new role, McKim will continue to spearhead the Company’s M&A and technology initiatives. Chief Financial Officer Michael L. Battles and Chief Operating Officer Eric W. Gerstenberg will become co-CEOs of the Company. Battles and Gerstenberg will work together to jointly direct the day-to-day operations and continue the growth of this environmental services industry leader.

According to McKim, publishing Doing The Doing now was the perfect way to celebrate the Company and its employees given the upcoming change in his career. In a recent interview, McKim said “My career has certainly seen more ups than downs, but Clean Harbors’ success did not come in a straight line. As a founder who started with three friends and grew that into 20,000 colleagues, I have a lot of lessons learned and insights to share, along with terrific memories of Clean Harbors and what we accomplished together. As I reflect on the past 43 years, I couldn’t be more pleased with what Clean Harbors has become – the gold standard in environmental and industrial services.”

“While the transition out of the CEO role will be a personal challenge for me, I’m excited to see where our great management team takes Clean Harbors. I’m confident that the company still shares much of the same values, vision, and entrepreneurial spirit as the day I founded it,” McKim concluded.

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