Air Force Veteran Game Inventor Hopes “Synco” Will Bring People Together

DAYTON, Ohio, Dec. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In a world of divisiveness, Dayton, Ohio Air Force Veteran Wayne Mathieu has created a card game that he hopes will bring people together. Evolving from a family card game experiment more than a decade ago, his game, called “Synco,” is what Mathieu calls, “a game of common ground.”

Unlike trivia or board games, Synco does not exploit the differences among players, such as, who is smarter or a better strategist. Instead, it focuses on the commonality between people.

“Everyone gets really excited about being on the same page,” said Mathieu, who is a retired aeronautical engineer. “The room is full of chatter and people interact in a way that’s not so common these days.”

Players write down five things they associate with a subject presented to them from each of the gamecards. The object is to match as many of the responses of the other players as possible.

“Anyone can play this game, from all backgrounds and ages,” Mathieu said. “Because it’s not about what you know, but what you have in common.

Throughout the game, people realize just how much alike they are in their thinking and experience. As it turns out, being “in sync” can really energize people.

Of course, creating the game meant becoming a small business owner and Mathieu needed some help. He enlisted the skills of his son Mike and family friend Eli Reich, who assisted with design and marketing. The game is published and copyrighted under their company, March 3 Games.

Synco was originally developed nearly two years ago, but supply chain issues interrupted initial production in 2021. A Chinese manufacturer was unable to guarantee delivery of the first print of the game. So, a move to the Florida-based production company Shuffled Ink helped solve the problem and Mathieu now has plenty of games in stock.

“We live in some chaotic and divisive times,” Mathieu said. “Synco brings people together.” Synco is available online at

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