Advice from Love Like The French Author Guy Blaise Will Show You How to Find the Perfect Long-Term Relationship

LOS ANGELES, March 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Before emerging from your pandemic cocoon and rushing off for the next romantic online encounter, heed some advice from the French, who have a better track record at finding long-term relationships, according to Love Like The French author Guy Blaise.

"The French have a different perspective on romantic relationships, sex, dating, and love compared to Americans. My guide offers candid advice, and everything you need to know for more passionate flings, sexual satisfaction, and fulfilling balanced partnerships," said Blaise.

Some big difference that Blaise sees in American women is that they settle in a relationship that isn’t satisfying and tolerate unsatisfying sex far too often.

"I hear women complain about sex all the time in the U.S. because they keep it bottled up. In France, women are more liberated, so they don’t complain about it as much. Talking about sex isn’t taboo," said Blaise.

French women also don’t settle, they take their time and filter their suitors to find the perfect match.

"This strategy works, and you can see it in the number of successful long-term relationships in the country. The French have a saying: you need to squeeze 10 melons before finding the perfect one. It’s supposed to be a long-term relationship, so don’t rush it," said Blaise.

Finding someone who’s genuine and is a good communicator to listen to your needs and desires is critical for any long-term relationship. You can only find that person through experience and meeting as many people as possible.

Couples should also talk more about their relationships, and women should speak up when something is wrong, which doesn’t seem to happen a lot in the U.S. he notes. Women shouldn’t marry someone based only on their religion or stay with someone because of their money.

Originally from France, Blaise lives in the U.S as a biopharmaceutical scientist by day and author at night. He’s always been fascinated by romance and uses his scientific background to unravel why certain cultures like the French have a higher success rate at finding longer-lasting relationships.

His first book Vive La Difference inspired 500 letters from American women seeking advice on how his knowledge of the French culture could help with their romantic relationships in North America.

Blaise found the answers by interviewing women all over France and put his research into Love Like The French. It’s an eye-opener to both men and women interested in forming a happy and fulfilling long-term relationship.

As the French know, finding your perfect soul mate is also more complicated than finding the perfect dating app and settling for the next person that just sounds and looks good on their profile.

"Never lie on your profile. In France, deception is considered embarrassing. If men aren’t good-looking or don’t have a lot of money, they should concentrate on their interests and ambitions to show they’re at least trying to get ahead. Ambition is an important trait for women," said Blaise.

When it comes to dating, most American men are making some major faux pas.  

"If you’re at a dating event, you’re supposed to be talking with women, so don’t spend your time talking on your phone. Also, if you’re talking with a woman, don’t be a butterfly. Spend some time to get to know her. If you move on too quickly, it frustrates women," said Blaise.

Blaise wrote an article on his book in and the book was featured by comedian Loic Suberville and

Blaise was also interviewed on podcasts How We Talk About Sex, Sexology, and Shameless Sex. Reading his book, you’ll discover:

  • How French women turn their sexual fantasies into pleasurable reality—and how you can too.
  • Secrets to sync up sex drives when you and your lover have different libidos.
  • Tips for challenges like prying in-laws, age differences, and communication beyond the bedroom.
  • How to find the men that are worth "swiping right" on online dating sites.
  • Signs you’ve found the one to marry.

If you’re having trouble finding a relationship or need some ideas to spice it up, the advice in Love Like the French is what you need. It’s available at all major online book retailers, some libraries, and bookstores.

"Remember, when it comes to romance in France it starts long before you slip under the covers," said Blaise.

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