A Portuguese Author Wins High Praise from Reviewers for Her Middle-Grade Children’s Novel About Self-Discovery, Grief, and Friendship

Publishers Weekly hails Calvin and the Sugar Apples as “endearing and rewarding.”

AVEIRO, Portugal, Dec. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The newly released middle-grade children’s fiction novel, Calvin and the Sugar Apples, has won high praise from multiple review outlets for author Inês F. Oliveira’s emotive and realistic depiction of a middle school girl navigating grief, lack of self-confidence, and the perils–and beauty–of tween friendship.

In Oliveira’s well-received story, ten-year-old Amelia has always had Calvin, her chinchilla friend, to talk to about her problems. But Calvin is no longer in his cage, and her parents just say he’s in a “better place.” When Amelia and her best friend, Camila, have an argument about Camila’s last-minute decision to perform solo at the talent show, she feels abandoned and hurt. And without Calvin, who does she talk to about her disappointments at school? And who does she talk to about missing Calvin?

Amelia is feeling very ordinary—an ordinary girl with no talents, no BFF, and no Calvin. But just when Amelia thinks she’s completely alone, a new student arrives, and they begin finding their way together. Amelia learns that it’s always possible to make new friends, that expressing yourself can happen in different ways, and that it all starts with talking it out.

Engaging black and white pencil line-art interiors help bring to life this heartwarming story about self-discovery and friendship. Oliveira masterfully weaves a story that has its finger on the pulse of the high emotions and self-doubt that exist in middle school against a backdrop of living in beautiful Portugal. Families and educators of young children will welcome a book that invites a dialogue about feelings, introspection, and letting go.

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