A Playful Story of Perseverance Has a Young Calf Reaching for the Stars in a Charming New Picture Book

Writer of faith and combat veteran brings an uplifting story of self-belief to young readers

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Jan. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Author T.I. Frazier uses his stories to communicate lessons of strength to his readers. Through his writing, his goal is to change the way people—especially youth—think in order to leave a larger positive footprint on the world. His first book achieved this for adults through sharing his personal journey of faith and self-discovery. His newest release is a picture book, Lauren the Cow, whose heartfelt message inspires young readers to explore their capabilities and always believe in themselves.

In his story, Lauren is a young Jersey cow who lives with her mom on a farm in the countryside, who has a dream to become a jumping cow. But cows don’t jump…do they? Lauren is determined and begins training in earnest to strengthen her legs and improve her jump height. She feels confident with each day until a failure makes Lauren doubt herself. When her friend, Tim the fox, encourages her to reach for the sky, that is exactly what Lauren does with a newfound belief in herself….and soars higher than she ever imagined.

This heartfelt story will inspire young readers to try new things, explore their capabilities, and push themselves to achieve their dreams by believing in themselves. Families and educators of young children will welcome a book that will invite further discussion about this important social emotional learning topic.

Author T.I. Frazier is the author of the Faith Arising, a Christian self-help and personal transformation book. He served in the National Guard for ten years, having been deployed for Operation Enduring Freedom and also serving for a time as a chaplain assistant. Lauren the Cow is his debut children’s book.

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SOURCE Timothy Frazier