A Perfect Podcast Interview Can Catapult Hosts and Their Guests to International Success – Learn How With These Short Guides: ‘PodMatch Guest Mastery’ and ‘PodMatch Host Mastery’

DOWNINGTOWN, Pa., Nov. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Bite Sized Books announced the release of two new guides to help podcasters and hosts navigate the exciting and career-launching world of PodMatch. PodMatch is an online platform that helps people create engaging and transformative material to inform, entertain, jumpstart the brand building process, and much more. A premier site, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and influencers alike, PodMatch teams up podcast hosts with those looking to be featured guests. “PodMatch Guest Mastery” and “PodMatch Host Mastery” are both available by visiting www.PodMatchBooks.com.

“The books just launched and we are excited to get the word out about the benefits of using PodMatch to create maximum impact for your podcast host or guest strategy,” said publisher, Mike Capuzzi, founder of Bite Sized Books. “PodMatch is growing, so now is the time to discover all the podcasting creation and interview secrets used by some of their top members. We’ve compiled a ton of great advice here for you in just two quick, easy-to-read books.” 

Cowritten by some of PodMatch’s top host and guest members from around the world including Tonya Eberhart, Chris Williams, Josh Tapp, and Seth Silvers and other contributors, readers will meet and learn from some of the most successful PodMatch guests and hosts.

“PodMatch Guest Mastery” and “PodMatch Host Mastery” are valuable guides filled with the best practices, proven strategies, and success tips. Both volumes look at the process from the inside-out, including:

  • A deep focus on how to successfully leverage the PodMatch platform.
  • The best tips, tricks, and strategies from top PodMatch Guest/Host members.
  • Proven, actionable information that readers can start using immediately.
  • Step-by-step strategies to get in front of ideal prospects.
  • Contributors from other top members, like: Daniel Sih, Tyler Foley, Andrea Petrut, Mark Cronin, Tyler Martin, Kevin Kepple, Claudia Garbutt, Walter Crosby, Victoria Noethling, and many more.

PodMatch Guest Mastery leverages the powerful strategy of being a guest on popular shows so that business owners, entrepreneurs, and others can accurately convey their message to their audiences. While “PodMatch Host Mastery” offers tips on booking and interviewing the best, most memorable guests.

“Both volumes are packed with proven tips and advice from those who have already navigated these waters, saving readers so much time and effort,” said Alex Sanfilippo, co-founder of PodMatch.  “These books offer our members the fastest and most effective way to learn how to leverage PodMatch for growing their show or influence.”

Rave Reviews from Readers

“Forget theory, this book offers chapter after chapter of shared lessons from people who have made guest appearances on podcasts work for them. Very helpful book.” – L.I. Man

“As a Podcast host, finding guests has been the hardest aspect of running a successful show. This book is full of insights from experienced Podcasters on HOW to crack the code and find guests that align with your show’s value. Super great tips and ideas. If you’re struggling with this topic, this book is a must-read. Easy, casual read that I knocked out in one day.” –J. Macnamara

About PodMatch

PodMatch is a software platform that automatically matches ideal podcast guests and hosts for interviews. It works just like a dating app, but it matches you for podcast interviews instead of dates! Learn more at: www.PodMatch.com.

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Bite Sized Books is the brainchild of marketing strategist and Amazon #1 Best Seller author, Mike Capuzzi. Bite Sized Books works with business owners, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders to publish a unique type of short, helpful book—they call shooks™). Shooks are nonfiction, business-oriented books that follow a specific design and content structure that makes them the ideal type of book for building authority, and lead generation. Learn more at: www.BiteSizedBooks.com.

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