A New Picture Book Series Chronicles the Whimsical Adventures of Two Forest-Dwelling Brothers as They Learn About Kindness and Acceptance

Imaginative storytelling and intricate illustrations make this a delightful read-aloud for families and educators of young children.

FAYETTEVILLE, Ga., Oct. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Weight of Ink, a publishing company celebrating storytelling, announces the release of their first installment in a new picture book series, The Adventures of Birpus & Bulbus, following two young brothers living in a magical forest.

The debut title, The Sour Milk Dragon, created and written by actress Wynn Everett-Albanese and Michael Albanese, introduces readers to Nobby Lob-lolly, a magical village of Tree Wee homes that are nestled within an ancient tree in The Forest of Fine Repute. When Birpus and Bulbus go exploring in the forest to collect things for dinner, they are chased by a giant purple dragon who spews hot, sour milk from his nostrils. When the brothers flee in fear, it isn’t long before they realize that Duncan the dragon is lonely in the forest and is only looking to make some friends to play with.

Beautiful painterly illustrations bring the whimsical story to life, giving young readers much to look over on each spread, whether its ladders made of moss and vines, tiny homes nestled in the trees surrounded by firefly lights, or the unique characters themselves. The social emotional learning elements of kindness and friendship, acceptance and inclusion give this debut title purpose and an enduring message for families and educators to share with children.

The Sour Milk Dragon, book one in The Adventures of Birpus & Bulbus series, is Albanese’s fourth children’s book, the first collaboration with his wife, Wynn Everett Albanese. Everett Albanese has appeared in film TV most notably Marvel’s “Agent Carter,” HBO’s “Doom Patrol,” “The Newsroom,” NBC’s “This Is Us,” ABC’s “Ordinary Joe,” Netflix “Teenage Bounty Hunters” and “Sweet Magnolias.”

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