A New Book Reveals the Conspiracy to Erase Jesus’s Brother James from Christianity

NEW YORK, Sept. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — A groundbreaking new novel entitled The Holy Conspiracy ($14.99, Conspicuum Press, September 16, 2020) by author Kristi Saare Duarte, unearths the forgotten story of how Jesus’s brother James and the disciples fought the Apostle Paul to keep Jesus’s original teachings alive. The novel, based on the most authentic ancient scriptures, continues the trend of searching for the historical Jesus and his original message.

Thoroughly researched and vividly told, The Holy Conspiracy, portrays James as the elected leader of the disciples, until Paul appears with a tale of a completely different Jesus. While Christians often assume that Peter and Paul were Jesus’s chosen heirs, modern archeological findings tell a conflicting story. Many sources, including the gnostic gospels found in Nag Hammadi, Egypt, substantiate the claim that James played a pivotal role in the aftermath of the crucifixion. The Holy Conspiracy is the first work of fiction to approach this subject.

“When I researched my previous book about Jesus in India and read through the New Testament for the first time, I was surprised to discover the transparent animosity and power struggle between the Apostle Paul and Jesus’s brother James,” Duarte says. “I had never even heard of James before. This intrigued me, to say the least. I wanted to learn more about James and find out who he was and why he’s been erased from history. Nine years of thorough studies later, The Holy Conspiracy is the result of this labor.”

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Kristi Saare Duarte is a multi-national amateur theologian and award-winning author. Having lived in six different countries, she now makes her home in Harlem, New York City. Her first novel, The Transmigrant, won multiple awards, including the 2018 International Book Award and the 2017 Nautilus Book Award for spiritual fiction.

The Holy Conspiracy ($14.99, paperback, Conspicuum Press, 300 pages, 5.25 x 8″, ISBN 978-0097180749) will be published on September 16, 2020. Available for retailers and libraries through Ingram. For more information and Media Kit, visit www.KristiSaareDuarte.com

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