2Market Information Inc. Publishes Salary Survey of Technology Transfer Personnel – 2023

ATLANTA, Feb. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — 2Market Information Inc., operator of the Tech Transfer Central web portal and publisher of Technology Transfer Tactics, the world’s leading publication for university technology transfer offices, has released its first-ever salary survey of technology transfer personnel.

The just-published Salary Survey of Technology Transfer Personnel – 2023 covers the full range of positions from executive director to marketing associate and everything in between.

Designed to fill a void in current salary benchmarks for TTOs, the survey – based on responses from nearly 200 universities and featuring more than 300 charts and figures over its 94 pages – breaks down and presents salary data by key titles, region, staff size, research expenditures, and population density using of easy-to-scan charts showing high, low, median, and average salaries for these job titles:

  • Executive Director/VP 
  • Director/Manager of IP
  • Associate Director 
  • Director of Contracting
  • Director of Licensing
  • Director of Operations
  • Sr. Licensing Associate
  • Director of Finance
  • Licensing Associate 
  • Marketing Director/Manager
  • Director/Manager of New Ventures 
  •  Marketing Associate

The many data breakouts allow salary comparisons with other organizations in the same region, of similar size, with similar research budgets. The survey was conducted in the third and fourth quarters of 2022.

In addition to aggregated results, data is broken out for analysis into these categories:

  • By geographic region of the world (U.S., Europe, Canada, and Other)
  • By U.S. region for U.S. survey responses
  • By population density (urban, suburban, rural)
  • By level of research expenditures
  • By TTO staff size

The survey also features data on the prevalence of incentive bonuses for TTO staff, the percentages of salary offered in bonuses, and the criteria used to determine bonus eligibility.

“Especially at this time of high turnover and staffing shortages among technology transfer offices, the data in this report can be used to gauge whether compensation levels are competitive with peers – and that data has been sorely lacking in the field,” said David Schwartz, president of 2Market Information and editor of the report.

For further information on the survey, including a complete table of contents, Click Here.

About 2Market Information Inc.: Atlanta-based 2Market Information Inc. is the world’s leading information company for professionals involved in the commercialization of university research. It operates the Tech Transfer Central web portal (www.techtransfercentral.com), publishes Technology Transfer Tactics and University-Industry Engagement Advisor newsletters, provides expert-led webinars and more than 500 archived distance learning programs, and offers a host of other resources for tech transfer and other research commercialization professionals.

David Schwartz 
CEO and Publisher



SOURCE 2Market Information Inc.